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This year Halloween will probably look a bit different. There are rumours that ‘Surgeon’ costumes are the number 1 choice as it makes the mask a necessity not an accessory! ;)

If you are going out, staying in, dressing up , trick-or-treating or just bouncing off the walls these fun and spooky activities will keep spirits high!

Wild Dough is now available in the USA and Canada, with our Limited Edition Halloween Collection ready and waiting to be shipped by priority mail! Each colour has a different scent; orange, apple, coconut and liquorice.

Wishing you all a spook-tacular Halloween and make sure you check our my fave Halloween dough-tivities below!


1. Vampire Symmetry

Can you finish this vampire’s face?  
What you need: 
Purple playdough, black playdough and white playdough.

Start by building your vampire face, but only make half. Then leave it up to your little monsters to practice their symmetry skills and complete the rest of the face.

You can try this fun activity out with other spooky characters too.

2. Spider Dough

This is such a fun yet simple invitation to create! 

What you need: 

Black playdough , pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

Simply roll a ball, squash it flat, add eyes and legs. The more eyes the better!  

Extend this activity into counting the number of legs and eyes on the spiders you've made. 

3. Dough Ghosts

These ghosts are so simple to create, the whole family can help. 

What you need:

Playdough, small ball, googly eyes, rolling pin.

Roll playdough into flat round pieces. 

Lay the flat "sheet" playdough over the ball to create the ghost body.

Add 2 googly eyes. 

How many different coloured ghosts can you create? Do they have names?

4. Frankenstein

Create your very own Frankenstein! 

What you need:

Playdough and a selection of nuts, bolts & washers. 

Make larger playdough "bodies." Then use the nuts or washers as eyes and some bolts as arms and legs! 

This is a great playdough activity for those tool crazy kiddos!  

5. Spider Web Counting

This is a great one for practicing counting skills. 

What you'll need:

Playdough and loose parts (bugs in this case)

To make the spiderwebs simply roll out long snakes of white playdough and arrange into a web shape. Roll the playdough into a snake and shape it into a number in the centre of each web. 

Can your little monster match the number of spiders to the number in the middle of the web?  

Huge shout out to the wonderful Wild Dough customers for creating these Halloween themed dough-tivities!
We absolutely love seeing how you play with your Wild Dough.

Make sure you share your halloween dough-tivities with us on our socials by tagging and adding #wilddoughco
Happy Howl-o-ween!