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About the Wild Dough playdough product:

Wild Dough comes in a large 280gram jar. It is is enough to spread amongst 3 children, or very comfortably 2.

We love the large jars as you can do so much more with this amount, more balls to roll, more snakes to make, a larger bowl for the eggs.

To compare, a standard play doh tub is 90grams. 

The Wild Dough jars are made from eco friendly PET plastic. 

We love PET plastic as the are strong, sturdy and lightweight so you won't have to worry about your child dropping it and breaking or even worse, breaking their toe!

PET is eco friendly as it's more recyclable than glass, and leaves less of a carbon footprint on the environment. 

We understand it's important for you to know what your little one is playing with so we are happy to share our ingredients. We use flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, corn flour, cream of tartar, food essence to scent and either food colouring or cosmetic grade pigment powder to colour. See more information about the colours in the next question below. 

No we do not use any essential oil or fragrance oil to scent Wild Dough.

We use Australian Made food essence that is obviously food grade. (yep, we like to support fellow Aussie businesses as much as we can)

Providing your care for the playdough as per the care label on the jar then it will keep for 6 months, the better care you take of it to keep it fresh (see next question) the longer it will last. We have numerous customers who are still playing with their Wild Dough a whole year later!

Play with it often and always put back in sealed jar after play. Store in a cool dark place. If dough dries or is less soft, give it a good knead with your hands and if required add a few drops of water and continue kneading to restore softness. If the dough is left in direct sunlight for long periods the colours could change, usually it just needs a good knead to restore a consistent colour through it.

Wild Dough contains wheat and corn/maize.

Please see the question above for a full list of ingredients. 

While we work hard to produce consistent colours with what you see on our website, there could be slight variations due to monitor and phone colours as well as the postage environment. If the playdough has been in high heat (say a hot day) during postage the colour could change, it just needs a good knead and it will return to it's original colour.