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20 Christmas Playdough Activities

This year the holiday season looks different than every before, in fact, we are all swapping big crowds, events and large family gatherings for smaller catch-ups and lots of family time. There's no better way to get into the festive spirit than Holiday Activities with your little ones.

This list features activities from wonderful instagram accounts that have featured Wild Dough in their play. The best part is, you can do these activities with any playdough, just make sure you've got some white, green, red and brown. 

Wishing you all a very safe and Merry Christmas! 


This fun activity is wonderful for refining your little ones fine motor skills as they push small objects into the dough to decorate. Roll a cone 'tree' shape, provide mixed loose parts and decorate - an easy set-up with lots of fun to be had.

Activity by @montessori.bright


If you're looking for a festive way to play whilst sneaking in some learning then this one is for you.

Flatten a ball of dough until you have a round ornament. Make 2 lines and then decorate the top row with a pattern and have your little one copy the pattern to the 2nd row. You can use chickpeas, pony beads, pasta or any small loose parts. 

Activity by Nichole at @littleslearnandplay


Create a dough and button house fit for a gingerbread family! Create a house shell from card, cover it with a layer of dough, and set an invitation to decorate with a loose parts tray. This super fun house is sure to get creative minds turning.

Activity by @walktalkplay


A great activity for counting and fine motor skills as your little needs to recognise the number and then count out the number of buttons for the gingerbread men. All you need is playdough, pompoms and a gingerbread cutter. 

In this activity the littles ended up continuing to play after the counting was done by making more gingerbread people and 'selling' them in their imaginary bakery. 


Grab your playdough and all the parts for a snowman - eyes, twigs, buttons, scarf. Get some fresh air first, with a nature hunt to find snowman parts outside, roll small and big balls of dough, and let the kids create their own snowmen! ....or women :)

Activity by Beck at @learning_in_colour


Start by putting a thin tape line in the middle of a tray. Then grab some green playdough and create half a wreath. Encourage your little one to finish the other side using more green dough.

Add the finishing touches with some loose parts, ribbon and done! A great symmetry game to play with your little one.

Activity by Bea at @_simply.bea_


Make your own strand of Christmas Lights using different coloured playdough and a cutter for the bulbs. 

Make a long string (sausage) of playdough and loop it around and ask your little one to cut the lights and place them along the string. You can count, colour and pattern match as you go. 

Activity by Carolina @irishtwinsmommy


This is a cute idea to make counting fun. Draw some snowflakes like in the image. Roll some playdough balls and ask your little one to place them on the snowflake points, matching numbers and squash the ball as they count. 

Activity by Leah @hotcoffee_creativekids


Gather together your cookie cutter, a dice and some loose parts for this turn based math game. Roll the dice to decorate your cookie: roll a 1 - put a smile, roll a 2 - add some eyes, roll a 3 - buttons, roll a 4 - skip a turn..... and so on. Don't be surprised if this morphs into free play with lots of fun decorating and conversation.

Activity by Lucy at @lovefourlearning


Going back to simple play to wind down your day, with a playdough cookie cutter, stamp and roller invitation. Theme it out with Christmas music in the background, and discuss textures, smells and shapes, and allow them to free play, and see where their imagination goes.

Activity by Kaitlin at @messyplaywithmia


Jingle all the way with this sweet and simple activity. Gather bells, and other child safe Christmas decorations, roll a 'string' of playdough, and let creative minds play. Quick and easy to set up, better get a cuppa.

Activity by Flavia at @my.dearest.sons


Create your very own Christmas Ugly Sweater at home - all you need is playdough in different colours, and some extra (festive) loose parts. Roll out the dough, cut a sweater shape and then get decorating! If only you could try in on after its finished!

Activity by @woodentinywonders


Make your own dough Grinch using different colours of playdough. If your kids are older they can make it from scratch, if they are younger then rollout the green and ask them to make the face. 

Pair this play with an afternoon to watch the movie or read the book. 

Activity by @snippets_of_play


Create festive play prompts by making your own Christmas stampers from cardboard and hot glue. Use a tube for a roller effect, and plain card for a stamper. Designs are limitless, combine with playdough for creative fun!

Activity by Bea at @_simply_bea_


You can still do gingerbread dough people if you don't have a cookie cutter!

You can form the body parts yourselves. The best part is the great conversations about different shapes they need and what the best way to form heads, arms and legs and torsos are. Join in with your little ones and decorate them to look as festive as these!

Activity by Jana at @playroomstories


Get red nose happy with this sweet activity. Prepare some different shaped body parts for Rudolph, and a tray of loose parts - sticks, pompoms, pipe cleaners, beans and beads. Play some Christmas music and see who can make the most creative Rudolph this year.

Activity by April at @unknitandtiedtogether


Print some out, or draw your own Christmas themed playdough mats. Decorating for fun, or by numbers, colours or paterns, your littles can have so much fun while they secretly learn too!

Activity by Jess at @learnandbloom


Keeping those loose parts handy - grab a muffin tray and playdough and get 'baking', for some fine motor fun, meets pretend play. Get ready for a cupcake bake sale playdough style.

Activity by Nichole at @littleslearnandplay


A simple colour match playdough set up, and of course, your loose parts. Roll and cut a tree silhouette, and allow play, peppered with colour and number chatter.

Activity by Allison at @inspired_little_learners


This is a great activity for all ages and you can simply make it more or less difficult depending on the age of the kids. Roll some playdough out and cut half a snowflake while adding some gems or loose parts too. Ask your little one to build the other half, being careful to match the detail. If they don't know what symmetry is, you can discuss it too.

Activity by @snippets_of_play


A simple colour match playdough set up, and of course, your loose parts. Roll and cut a tree silhouette, and allow play, peppered with colour and number chatter.

Activity by Allison at @happylittlechildhood

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